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These uncertain and chaotic times are calling you to get clear on what's not working anymore. To remove and heal the things that are holding you down. To look inward and heal forward.

When you reduce your stress, calm your anxious mind and get clear on your goals and values.... you will find greater peace and harmony. You will regain the focus and confidence to keep your attention on the things that matter most to you.

Let me help get you get unstuck, expand your comfort zone, and start taking positive, consistent action forward.

Step into life as a connected, resilient and empowered person.

Let's make that happen together!


Sophie Riley

If you are looking for a sign, this is it! You can create the life that you want if you are willing to put in the work that it takes. I'll teach you how to build systems and passive income to free up their time and mental freedom so that they can focus on literally anything else while increasing their productivity and minimizing problems.

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Feeling stuck in your life? Tired of feeling stressed,

overwhelmed and anxious? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Hi There!

I'm Laura Leavitt, your guide to becoming

more connected, energized and empowered.

I am an intuitive healer with many techniques and modalities in my tool kit. I'm also trained as a Coach Specialist in EFT-Emotional Freedom technique or Tapping, which is my main resource for guiding clients to the positive changes they are seeking.

Tapping is the fastest way to get unstuck. It is clinically proven to calm the stress response so you can be strong and resilient no matter what is happening around you. I guide you through processes to gain back control, slow the anxious spinning mind, and regain your focus and direction so you can keep moving forward.

I have worked one on one with clients, taught small groups and provided certificate training for over 15 years. I also created and hosted "The Anxiety Relief Summit". I am passionate about helping people find healing, feel confident, and have the energy to rise into the next best version of THEMSELVES!

Are you feeling lost and alone in this facedown world, addicted to technology? Your attention pulled in a million directions. Are you finding it hard to be focused and present in your relationships and work? Re-gaining that vital connection with others, life, and your inner self---your mind, emotions and physical body. A shift in this area can heal and improve so many things in your life and there is no time like today to start.

Stress, overwhelm and anxiety can suck the life out of you, leaving you without energy, motivation or passion. Get help and a process to release negative emotions and stuck areas, and get you fired up for life again, on your own terms. No matter what areas trouble you, positive energy is required to call forth more courage, inspiration and momentum. Together we can get you back in action, feeling happy and hopeful again.

When you're listening to negativity from others, watching news and world events you are easily pulled off center, and controlled. You can unlock the ability to perceive the world through the lens of your choosing - one that radiates peace and joy, and magnifies your potential to radiate more love and light into the world in your own unique way. Take back your power, find your alignment and feel in charge again. This is the healing and coaching work I do.... helping people feel more connected, energized and empowered.

I have proven step-by-step programs, with strategies and processes

to help my clients tame the overwhelm, step up more confidently and reach

their goals for greater health, wealth and happiness.


Ready for bigger change?

If you've been spinning in fear and worry, not getting ahead like you want, feeling stuck...

I invite you to learn how TAPPING can change your life, bring back the sense of calm and confidence you need to take charge of your life and begin taking action toward your desires.

Positive and lasting change can happen when you reduce your stress and clear your inner blocks using the clinically-proven process of EFT- Tapping.

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